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ByteSoft Solutions understand the way different small business operate and what they need to increase productivity and achieve their goals. For this reason, we know that you as a business owner do not need to know all the technologies, have the best equipment that you might not need, or probably you have old equipment and need more power. We can talk all day about the reasons your business needs a small network, all its pros and its few cons (which basically is that if you do not have a small network you are losing money, time and clients). We did not invent the internet, computers or networks, but we perfectly understand how they work, how they need to be up and running all the time, and all its benefits. Bottom line is that if you have a small business you need a small network and we can do it.

Can we handle your business? In 2004 we were hired by Comcast and had a $7 Million Dollar project to deploy, install, setup, configure and maintain the wireless network at San Jose State University, we installed about a mile of cabling, configured about 70 PoE Switches, installed  and configured about 600 Wireless Access Points, and surveyed the entire campus for wireless connectivity.

In 2010 we were hired by BlackBox to perform enterprise-wide network upgrade from 10/100Mb to GB primary infrastructure, upgrade consistent to support current network infrastructure, RTP such as; IPT, VoIP, Video, and UC, physical installation of Cisco Equipment; Switches, WAPs, VoIP Phones, Cabling, Cat5 and Fiber optic. Cable management - How to wire up a rack and how to wire between closets (IDF & BDF). Racking and stacking with the proper safety methods, and LAN/WAN Troubleshooting and support.

This two of our most relevant projects, could give you an idea of things we are capable of, as well as the information you need to know that we can take care of almost any small business network. Whether you need 2 computes or 200 on a single network or provide free and secure Wi-Fi for your clients, we can help with almost anything you can think of.




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