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ByteSoft Solutions understands that running a non-profit organization is just not easy, there are a lot of things to take care of, depending on the type of organization, it could be, managing members, advertisements, employees, rent, utilities etc. For this reason, ByteSoft Solutions has been committed to help those in need, we cannot help you run your organization or take care of every other aspect of it, but we can do only one thing, that is what we do best, cut your IT expenses, by saving you up to 50% (in some cases up to 70% and even 100% YES 100%) and saving you a lot if are planning to expend money in a future IT project.

We have been already working with the American GI Forum San Jose Chapter for a few years but we want to work with more people more organization and help your organization achieve its non-profit goals, so let us be part of your success.

What can ByteSoft Solutions do for your Non-Profit?

  • • We offer all our IT Services and of course significant discounts on your future IT projects
  • • Cut your IT expenses, by saving you up to 50% (in some cases up to 70% and even 100% YES 100%)
  • • Free Consultation so we can analyze your current IT infrastructure and make possible recommendations
  • • Free Technical Support; Helpdesk, desktop support, remote support, via email, phone, and text and chat (Usually we donate Around 5 Hours per month even more for whatever you need, but it all depends)
  • • Anything you need or just a simple question just ask us we won't charge for an answer (Just hit the Contact Us button on top)

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