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ByteSoft Solutions provides a large list of computer services and solutions, no matter if you are a  few servers, switches, routers and wireless access point at your business or you just have a computer at home. ByteSoft Solutions has a team of knowledgeable members that have worked with in large enterprise environments, such as; Google, Yahoo, Intel, HP, Cisco, General Electric and AT&T as a desktop support, helpdesk, providing remote assistance, over the phone, email, chat, as well as directly with customers face to face, so with our experience have seen crazy stuff, and we are sure we can handle any possible computer task you can imagine. After all, there has not been a single challenge we have not accomplished.


Desktop Imaging: We take the computer and make a backup image (clone) to be used for different purposes such as; the most common is massive deployment for multiple computers with the exact same information from the original (cloning) (Usually done by enterprise environments), Software Installation, Patch Management, Asset Management, Configuration Management, and always have a backup ready so in case your computer crashes all you have do is install the image and be up and running in no time.

Desktop Migration: Basically we move your current OS (Windows XP, Vista, MacOSX, Linux Etc) to whatever you want or you can Imagine; Windows 7,8, 8.1, Sorry there is no 9, 10, your favorite Linux Flavor or the latest MacOSX. Dual Both? Windows and Linux? Done! Virtualization? Done! Windows Inside or along Linux? Done! Linux Inside or along Windows? Done! What about MacOSX? it's a little tricky but Done!

Server, Desktop, Laptop, Cell phones, Tablets and other gadgets repair: We repair all the major brands and models, including HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo,  Gateway, Acer, Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu, eMachines, Nec Corp, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, ViewSonic, etc. Including all types hardware peripherals such as; Monitors, CPUs, Mice, Keyboards, Printers, Scanners, cameras, Webcams, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Hard Drives,  memory, Wireless Cards etc.

Hardware/Software installation and troubleshooting: We perform installation, troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs for Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Android Devices etc, If you need any software installed let us take care of it. We can help you look for the best prices.

PC Security: We offer the best PC Security protection. We are experts when it comes to remove; viruses, trojans, exploits, malware, key loggers, spyware, hijackers, tracking cookies, backdoors, we know how to deal with all this threats so you don’t have to worry about, slow computer, slow internet connection, identity theft, credit card theft, and all your personal information being under risk. We can scan your computer and run a diagnostic to let you know if your computer is at risk.

Data transfer: Let’s say you bought a new computer and want to transfer all your data from your old computer, well we can do this. We can not only transfer your data, but all your, programs, settings, internet favorites, etc. We can even create you a back up copy of your entire system, so you don’t have to install all your programs again. Yes! We can even back up and transfer your programs.

Data Recovery: Suppose your computer is dead and won’t turn on, or you forgot your password for your computer, how are you going to get that data back? Of course we have a team that specializes in data disaster and recovery. Every chase is different but most of the time we are successful. We first evaluate your system, then we recover the lost data, and last we deliver its original content on a CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive, Hard Drive, or even in the same system as if it was never lost.

Wireless networking: Ever wonder what can you do with wireless networking? Your family can browse the internet at the same time, share files between computers, all computers being able to print to one single printer, navigate with smart phones or PSP to share data, connect your Xbox console and besides play online, and listen your music from your computer, also you can watch your pictures and movies from your computer or any other computers.

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