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Specializes in helping small businesses to grow by using technology.

But How?

ByteSoft Solutions was established in 2002 in the beautiful city of San Jose in California, the heart of the amazing Silicon Valley and home of the most successful technology companies, such as; Google, Cisco, HP, Intel, nVidia, Yahoo, palm, San Jose State University, Comcast, AT&T, GAP, LEVI'S, Agilent Technologies, Black Box, Everdream, General Electric, West Valley College, and American GI Forum, but maybe couple of this do not sound very technological right? Well that is because these are the companies we have worked for :-)

What can we do for you? Now you know that we are not your average "Computer Guy" that fixes only computer and knows maybe couple of tricks, we in fact have gone where only a few had and done what only few could. We know how the most successful companies; work, operate, their environment, their philosophy, their way to do business, their ethics and what made them what they are, therefore we have the knowledge that is required to be successful, and we bring this knowledge to your business.

We are here to help small businesses to grow using technology at a low cost. Our Information Technology specialists are knowledgeable in maintaining, processing and troubleshooting computer systems and operations. We understands organizations and we can help your business to create a better and easy way to work, thus we can help you organization on its vast IT needs, we help organizations like yours by reducing its IT costs.

Can you trust us? First thing you must know, we DO NOT CARE about money, we made this company to help people and businesses achieve their goals, grow, develop and make them competitive. It is a little tricky we know that, but we have something most companies do not have, ETHICS. Our philosophy is to make people happy, make friends, and based on that build a long-lasting relationship.

Now here is the tricky part, we need the money but we need it because we support different projects, organizations and non-profits around the San Jose area, and we plan to expand this help to help poor people and those who are in need, because we all are humans.

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